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This is to do with the issues of centralization and decentralization. The resource requirements of alternative strategies should be laid out indicating what the key resources for each strategy in what so called resource deployment analysis. There are structured ways of trying to understand and deal with the future.

For example, that excessive cost have been incurred through unnecessary handling and transportation of materials during manufacture or that the company could take advantage of new operational methods.

Model your responses to the organization. Assessing feasibility is also an important part of evaluation too, but by necessity, requires a detailed consideration of the resources implications of implementation.

Hence, central control over detailed policy decisions is sacrificed to capitalize on the greater knowledge which managers at the sharp-end possess about the recipe for success in their part of the business.

Environmental Science Previous Years (Past) Papers (PDF) for CBSE (UGC) NET from 1995-2018

They often have longer time horizons than day-to-day operating decisions. The practical implications are that the managers involved in planning strategic change should in fact be paying as much attention to understanding the political context of implementing.

This gave me the confidence that I needed to feel that I was ready. We need to follow more future orientation approaches for dynamic conditions. Thus, the values held by people within an organization whose senior management have a reputation for being progressive, participative, and outward-looking, will be very different from another organization in the same industry where management has always been parochial, and secretive, and discouraged new ideas.

Some of these principles may be quite central to the organization mission. The resource deployment analysis will extend the previously mentioned distinctive competency analysis of the existing resources and the required resources into the future for each possible choice.

C- Planning and control: The success of a strategy is likely to depend very heavily on the people required to put it into effect. The traditional suppliers or customers may not be capable of responding to new ways.

Answer to question A: If a product or service is not differentiated then there is little to stop customers switching between competitors. Once again, effort-related reward systems may cut across this and result in demotivation of skilled workers.

More extensive marketing operations for example. If people feel either very insecure or very secure, in both cases they resist the change by either rejection, suppressing, or distorting information concerning the proposed changes. In such circumstances a critical organizational design issue is the level at which discussion and referral ends and a decision is taken.

Efficiency is to do with how well resources have been utilized irrespective of the purpose for which they were deployed. Fit with Existing Resources: At the evaluation stage there are number of questions which need to be asked when assuming the feasibility of any strategy: Senior management know what is going on in all parts of the organization if decision-making is routed through them so there is less need for complex control system.

The Appropriate Methods for Implementation: For example, some people are often given opportunities to undertake private work alongside their normal duties. Answer to question A The major difficulty in evaluating strategy is the need to use a number of different measures or criteria that cannot all be satisfied simultaneously.

Write short note on environmental analysis or scanning. EMS questions and answers Do you have an ISO question that may also be of interest to others? If so and you would like for an expert to provide you with some advice please email us.

I have done the 2 sets of questions in your question bank and got correct answers out of in set 1 and correct answers out of in set 2. I have also.

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If so and you would like for an expert to provide you with some advice please email us. QUESTIONS AND INDICATIVE ANSWER CONTENT Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply AD5 - Sustainability in supply chains TIONS EXAM EXEMPLAR QUESTIONS. Kyoto Protocol (emissions), ISO (environmental management), ISO /25 (Eco-labelling), The Eco- Management and Audit.

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Environment management answers to question bank
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