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Digital Media[ edit ] The Master of Digital Media is a professional degree in the study of digital media, which includes entertainment technology, and can be defined as media experiences made possible by the advent of primarily computer-mediated digital technologies e.

Typical coursework may include systems analysis, control and planning, database system management, computer science overview, and project management.

The Department of Architecture

Strategic management courses prepare students to assess and evaluate business needs and implement techniques to achieve success. Cross-cultural and international education is defined as the examination of education from diverse perspectives in international, transnational, and global contexts.

Petroleum engineers are divided into several groups: He studied Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Design, graduating with a Ferrari sponsored thesis project.

Master of Urban Planning

Some academic institutions prefer prospective students to have completed courses in statistics and who hold baccalaureate degrees in related fields of study such as computer science, industrial engineering, information technology and library science.

The non-thesis option might require students to pursue an independent study or take additional courses in place of a thesis. The aim of their work is to maximize hydrocarbon recovery at minimum cost while maintaining a strong emphasis on reducing environmental impact.

He has always been passionate aboutr cars and motorbikes and fulfilled the dream of becoming a Designer. Graduates often choose the following careers: Projects span a range of topics, with creative concepts proposed in response to research questions in various areas of design for interactions, services, social innovation, and communication.

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Interconnections between electrical and systems engineering are creating a fresh vision of knowledge, its uses, and its users. Hear from women leaders in the public and private transportation sectors who have made meaningful impacts and transformed the advanced clean transportation market.

Advanced Modelling This course teaches the notions of physical modelling in design projects. The value of human interface and human experience and their role in the driving experience find a concrete and proper dimension.

Data Science[ edit ] Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science MIDS at Duke University is s a two-year program designed to help meet the need for knowledgeable data scientists who can answer important questions with data-backed insights.

With an engineering orientation, the graduates emerging as urban planners are equipped with not only tools for rational comprehensive planning but also participatory and social development. The distinction reflects university policies, or some universities may have greater course offerings in urban planningdesignsociology, or a related degree.

As a graduate student, you can expect classroom lectures and laboratory courses that focus on both the concepts and practical skills that go into software engineering such as enterprise software, software architecture, and software engineering requirements and management.

Some courses that students will need to take include engineering analysis, nuclear reactor design, ionizing radiation and nuclear reactor engineering.

Transportation Design

Applicants must submit official transcripts from all accredited institutions showing degree completion or courses attempted. Coursework might include a study of electromagnetics, photonics and nanotechnology.

Regardless of the name, the degree remains generally the same. Although all economists work to monitor and analyze economic information, they may work in a variety of specialized fields at the professional level.

Once the vehicles are procured, how does the organization ensure the assets are utilized to achieve ROI. The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering allows students to pursue in-depth study in areas such as manufacturing, design, or robotics.

Students in such a degree program may gain professional skills in logistical areas, such as warehousing, transport, distribution and packaging, as well as in operational areas, such as product design, development, planning, analysis and manufacturing.

Some of these core concepts may include: Together with visiting design critics and theorists from around the world, architecture faculty and students explore a range of design investigations, expand knowledge, and confront the challenges of the contemporary built environment.

They examine manufacturing processes to find weaknesses, as well as determine procedures that are more effective. They use various forms of stress testing to estimate physical characteristics and failure points. In order to keep the scholarship, a student must maintain a CGPA of 3.

Applicants for whom English is not the primary language must either: The subject accommodate distinct streams that include commerce, family, community and court-annexed programs.

This degree certifies that the holder is competent in all key areas of the Information Technology sector and has contributed specialized knowledge, research, and publications. Developing expertise in embedded lighting and signaling Three major Engineering Schools in Transportation Engineering (ESTACA), Optical Sciences (Institut d’Optique Graduate School) and Design (STRATE – Ecole de design) join their experience in engineer training and develop research in the field of EMBEDDED LIGHTING SYSTEMS.

Sapienza-University of Rome in collaboration with national and international agencies and companies active in the Space engineering sector organize a Professional European Master Course for Graduate Students in "Space Transportation Systems: Launchers and Re-entry vehicles" (STS).

GOALS: The Master Course STS provides the educational training aimed at acquiring the system engineering skills. Urban planning education is a practice of teaching and learning urban theory, studies, and professional practices.

The interaction between public officials, professional planners and the public involves a continuous education on planning process. An account of UTC Ph.D. and graduate student thesis on transportation.

Economic Benefits of Truck-to-Rail Mode Shift Every year, the interchange of millions of tons of intermodal freight from all regions of the United States takes place in metropolitan Chicago. Erasmus University Rotterdam offers incredible value: master programmes cost roughly €2, for European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) students, and start at €4, for students from other parts of the world.

Management is the study of how leadership and authority works in companies and in a general business context. Taking a Master in Management allows you to focus on a specific field of management.

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