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If you register formally by signatureyou cannot withdraw from the seminar anymore. Registration Registration requires two steps: Application for a bachelor thesis The Faculty of Economics organizes the allocation of Bachelor and Master thesis via a central web-based registration procedure.

Scientific techniques learn rules and requirements for reading and writing scientific documents Introduction to LaTeX software for writing scientific documents and for creating presentation slides; will be used for writing the seminar thesis Foundations in Quantitative Economics: The writing period of four months starts as soon as students will have negotiated a topic with their supervisor and returned their completed approval notification to the examination office.

Program in International Business, who are writing their Master thesis during their year abroad, need to attend this seminar during their first M. You will find the times and rooms of each class in the course catalogue.

Please also read the general information below the open topics. Here, you will address questions of optimal income and commodity taxation within a general equilibrium framework. Own programming is appreciated, but not required.

Does foreign aid really raise per-capita income. You are also required to attend the other presentations and to participate in the discussions following each presentation. The course offers an intuitive introduction to Dynamic Programming and also covers selected numerical tools for getting started with programming in MATLAB.

Events If you write your bachelor thesis at our professorship, you are obliged to take part in a bachelor thesis seminar. The Empirical Economics Letters, Vol. For example, evaluating the effectiveness of a novel method from the realms of BDA in a real-world setting through empirical experimentation is a common task for a master thesis.

M.Sc. Chemistry

This presentation will NOT be graded. In the winter term, the methodology seminar will be held in October, in the summer term in April. For the purpose of orientation, please find the standard procedure of writing a thesis depicted in the figure below. If you are interested in any of them, please write an email to the mentioned contact person.

Marking The final mark will be based on the submitted thesis. Thus, you can still withdraw without reason. Student theses in cooperation with an industry partner We particularly welcome student theses that you write in cooperation with an industry partner e. In addition, there is the special case of time series data e.

You will gain knowledge in advanced econometric methods as well as statistical estimation and inference methods for micro-econometrics, macro-econometrics and financial econometrics. If Professor Guettler acts as first supervisor, the thesis is graded within six weeks in more than It allows you to take PhD courses already during your Master's.

The aim of this registration procedure is to distribute the thesis that are scheduled for the semester evenly and with regard to the capacity of supporting personnel to the individual chairs in the participating departments.

Moreover, you will discover dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models. Even before the final grading of the Master’s Thesis, the supervisor of the thesis can confirm that it will be graded at least with a and has therefore been passed (per Certification). Bescheinigungen die im Prüfungsamt erhältlich sind. Profile The master program at hand builds upon the former program “Internationalization and Economic Policy” which has. Master.

Prof. Dr. Werner Bönte

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Entrepreneurial Internship (Gründungspraktikum) The Chair of Entrepreneurship offers a student colloquium for all students who decided to write their thesis at the. Master Thesis. New requests will be only from possible. Supervision requests on support We look forward to your application for a master/bachelor thesis at our chair!

The university library offers some eRessources which can facilitate your literature search. Intern - Business Development froodies GmbH. September – Oktober 2 Monate. Düsseldorf und Umgebung, Deutschland. Master thesis: Approaches using collective intelligence in equity-based crowdfunding.

Involving the crowd in the evaluation of Venture Development Manager at. Chemistry.

General Information. The 2 years (4 half year terms) Master Program in Chemistry is based on the 3 years Bachelor program and consists of a Compulsory Section ; Specialization Section with the choice between.

Synthesis and Properties of Chemical Agents and Materials.

Master thesis uni wuppertal wiwi
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