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The Chair for Worldwide Management purports to supervise master theses. Generally, part one of these an expert thesis needs to have a thorough overview of the present literature and former studies around the subject. After acceptance from the proposal a student generally has 6 several weeks to complete the actual thesis, a period where consultation hrs through the chair can be found upon request from the students.

Not how does someone. Students learn these methods in lessons, group projects, case studies, exercises and presentations, and finish their Bachelor by writing a scientific Bachelor thesis.

The cover page may include the University logothe envisaged Master or Bachelor as well as the Chair or Department concerned, non-copyright, images and place and year of printing but not the date of submission.

Most businesses, either large or small, work on a global scale; the information age has brought the entire world a lot closer. The lecturer of the corresponding semester course may establish guidelines on the subject, development and presentation of the Bachelor thesis art.

Then, a conceptual framework and also the grounds for a questionnaire need to be developed and lastly the empirical study results need to be discussed. With its intercultural students and its multilingual course offer in French, German and Englishthis Master programme in management at the University of Fribourg is unique in Switzerland.

The Bachelor Thesis must be submitted before the expiry of the deadline set for the maximum duration of studies art. The declaration is required by the Directives of 13 May of the University of Fribourg which punish the violation of the rules of scientific integrity.

This provision does not apply to the Master in Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung. In special cases, the decision is taken by the examinations delegate Article 6 al. With options in management of non-profit organisations and European and Global Business, Fribourg offers two unique areas of specialisation.

Therefore the programme also comprises courses in the fields of economics and information management. Management Abstract This Bachelor programme provides the essential basis for understanding business management tools for companies and nonprofit organisations such as hospitals, associations and international organisations but also for public administration.

The actual thesis needs to be designed in link with among the courses taken inside the programme. Learning outcomes and career openings The Master of Arts in Management is designed to lead to a career as a manager or specialist in a company, non-profit organisation or the public administration.

The Master thesis should be written in a specific research area of the chosen Master of Arts. As of 15 Februarysubmission of Bachelor and Master theses can be accepted only if you are enrolled for the Spring semester We feel topping-quality custom essays printed by our experts would be the reaction to your academic success.

Guidelines for Seminar, Bachelor and Master Theses Chair of Prof. Dr. Andreas Meier, Information Systems Research Group, University of Fribourg, Department of Informatics, Bd. de Pérolles 90, Fribourg e-mail: [email protected] This document provides guidelines how to write a scientific work at the chair of Prof.

Dr. Bachelor_thesis Nevena janettravellmd.com May Master: Prof.

Dr. Andreas Meier. Dr. Luis Terán.

Download Thesis. ANALYSIS OF RECOMMENDER SYSTEMS IN SWISS E-SHOPS: ANALYSIS OF THE TWO LARGEST SWISS E-SHOPS FOR ELECTRONICS Elaboration d'une stratégie et d'un plan marketing pour la BSU afin de lutter contre ses concurents: Gaëtan.

Especially in the Master programmes, students can costumize their study programme and select from a wide range of courses from different departments and even from other faculties within the University.

The Faculty SES offers university studies in management, economics, information systems and mass media and communication research. Our. Règlement Regulations du 18 février from February 18th sur l’octroi des Master of Arts à la Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales de l’Université de Fribourg 27 ECTS credits are granted for the Master thesis.

3 additional ECTS credits may be. Management Abstract. This Master's programme builds on the skills and knowledge acquired during the Bachelor studies in management.

Unifr ses master thesis proposal

The Master thesis consists of personal research that allows the student to conclude their course through applying the skills acquired and developing a special expertise in a chosen field. [email protected]

Guidelines for Doctoral Studies. at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.

Av. de Pérolles 90, Fribourg, tel. +41 26e-mail: [email protected], who is responsible for retransmitting the documents to the responsible persons (Dean, Exam and Admission Delegates) and / or.

Unifr ses master thesis
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